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Evening Standard 'My Home' article on our Slaidburn Street project.

Unexploded WW2 Bomb found at our Temple Yard site

An unexploded WW2 bomb was found at our Temple Yard site in Bethnal Green on Monday, 10th August. Prior to any works commencing, MACC International were commissioned to carry out an non-intrusive survey for unexploded ordinance for the Temple Yard.

In accordance with MACC recommendations, GSB proceeded with works on 7 of the 10 units that were given the all clear. However, 3 of the units showed anomalies on the magnetometer probe reading, as well as existing I-beams throwing up interference. GSB were advised to excavate the 3 basements by hand to 1.5m. Works on the basement in question, commenced on the 7th August. Two days into excavations, MACC carried out a further onsite precautionary bomb survey to try to shed light on these anomalies. It was during this survey that trained MACC personnel discovered the 500lb unexploded WW2 bomb.

Police were immediately informed and the Temple Yard site, surrounding homes and businesses in Bethnal Green area were evacuated by police and a 100m cordon was set up. The army bomb disposal unit worked over night to disarm the bomb, a process made more difficult due to the 1m bomb sitting on it's fuse end. The bomb has since been removed and the site deemed safe.

The bomb may be 100 years old but is thought to be more deadly now, due to it's instability, than when it was first made and capable of causing wide spread destruction. A timely reminder that such potential risks must be treated with extreme care and caution.